Monday, January 31, 2011

The Library Pages by Carlene Morton, Illustrated by Valeria Docampo

When you come into the library and can find what you're looking for, that's because a library page has put it where it belongs. Today's blog is dedicated to library pages everywhere, but especially to my "girls" at LSNC, a great group who work hard and help me out when I need it. Thanks ladies!

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:    32
Ages:     4-8

Mrs. Heath is a librarian on leave from Happyland Elementary School. One day, she goes to the mailbox and discovers a package has been delivered. It's from her students with a letter explaining that the substitute librarian has made them library pages and they have made a movie to show her what they had been doing.

From Bert the fiction shelver putting all of the skinny books together and all of the fat books together, to the Carlos Color Code (that Dewey guy just made things too complicated!) things are looking worse and worse and Mrs. Heath is despairing that she'll never straighten things out when she returns. But is the situation really as it appears to be?

I like this book as it gives parents a chance to talk to their children about how a library is put together a certain way so that they can find things and maybe even discuss library etiquette. And it does it in a fun way!

Come to the library today and get your copy of The Library Pages and find out what Mrs. Heath is facing on her return. Or, click here to reserve a copy for delivery to your favorite branch of the Lake County Public Library.

Thanks again, ladies!

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Friday, January 28, 2011

17 Things i'm not allowed to do anymore by Jenny Offill & Nancy Carpenter

Lexile:    AD750
Pages:    32
Ages:     4-8
"I had an idea to staple my brother's hair to his pillow. I am not allowed to use the stapler anymore."

I love this book - I think it's hysterical!  In all honesty I don't really know if I would read it to my kids if I were you.  It just might give them ideas that they haven't already thought up on their own!  I suppose if you wanted to risk it, you could use it as an opportunity to discuss why they shouldn't do the things this little girl (she is never named in the book) does. If you want a quick laugh check out a copy of 17 Things i'm not allowed to do anymore today.

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Reserve your copy here or at any branch of the Lake County Public Library.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu by Sheena Knowles

I love these books!  Both of them.  So today, you get a two-fer!

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:    Both are 32 pages
Ages:     3-8

Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu are both books that tell in rhyme about being true to yourself, but they tell it in different ways.

Edward lives at the zoo and decides that being an emu is about as boring as it can get and decides that he will jump into the enclosure next to him and be a seal.  But when he is "being a seal" he hears someone say that the seals are okay, but being a lion is the best.  So he decides to be a lion.  It goes on like that until someone says, "I like the emus best!"  Edward is thrilled and returns to his area to find he's been replaced!  Can you guess who his replacement is?

Edwina, who "replaced" Edward when he was out on his walk-about, has laid a clutch of eggs.  She and Edward decide that he will sit on the nest and Edwina will go to work.  She tries being a ballerina - it's pretty funny to see an emu in a tutu (say that three times fast!) : )  Then she tries chimney sweeping, which is too dirty.  Finally, when she's a waitress a comment from a customer makes her realize where she really belongs - at home on the nest.

Read Edward and Edwina today and remember to always be true to yourself!

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Click here to order your copies of Edward and Edwina from the Lake County Public Library for delivery to your branch.
Edward the Emu
Edwina the Emu

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:    40
Ages:     4-8

**This post is in honor of my new grandson, Eden**
* : ) * : ) * : ) *
Grammy loves you, Little Man!

"From the moment the baby arrived, it was obvious he was the boss. He put Mom and Dad on a round-the-clock schedule, with no time off."

So begins the story of Boss Baby. This is a fun and excruciatingly accurate account of what happens when a new baby comes into your heart and home. From his office to his meetings, his executive gym to his Dr. Denton jammies that look like a suit, Boss Baby will have you smiling from beginning to end.

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Click here to reserve your copy of Boss Baby for pickup at your favorite branch of the Lake County Public Library.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lexile:    650
Pages:    143
Ages:     9-12

CROSSWIRE by Dotti Enderle
Crosswire is a really good piece of historical fiction for ages nine through twelve.

What do you do when you're thirsty? Well, probably you turn on the faucet and get yourself a drink of water, right?  Same goes for your animals - you turn on the water and fill the water bowl.

Now, imagine it's 1883 and you live on a ranch in Texas. You don't have running water, you have to pump what you need. And it hasn't rained for MONTHS. Crops are dying, creeks are drying up and freerange cattlemen are getting desperate.  Ranchers have started fencing their property to protect what little water supplies they have and the freerangers are cutting them to allow their cattle to drink - stealing your water.

Thirteen-year-old Jesse wants to help protect the family's ranch but an accident in the past has made him horribly afraid of guns.

Read Crosswire and discover what happens when circumstances finally force Jesse to face that fear and see if he overcomes it.

Bravery is not about never being afraid, it's about being afraid and looking that fear in the eye and pushing it aside to do what you have to do. That's what makes a real hero!

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Click here and with your library card number and PIN you can reserve a copy of Crosswire for pickup at your favorite branch of the Lake County Public Library.

Tops & Bottoms adapted and illustrated by Janet Stevens

Lexile:    580
Pages:    30
Ages:     4-8

Bear is well-to-do and lazy.  He has inherited a house and land from his father, who was a hard working bear.  All he does is sleep all day long.

Hare is a hard worker, but sometimes foolish.  He made a bet with a tortoise and lost  (but that's another story!) : )  Anyway, in order to pay off his bet he sells his land to Bear.

While Bear lives alone, Hare has a family.  Due to his poor choices, Hare's family is hungry so he makes a deal with Bear - Hare and his family will do all the work, Bear will provide the land and they will share the crops.  Bear agrees and Hare asks him, "So what will it be, Bear? The top half or the bottom half?  It's up to you - tops or bottoms."  Bear says he'll take the tops and goes back to sleep.

So Hare plants carrots, radishes and beets - all things that grow under the ground; the "bottoms" - which he gets to keep while Bear gets a big pile of greens.  Bear is not amused.  He tells Hare to replant the field and this time he wants the bottoms.

What do you think Hare plants this time?  Come to the library for a copy of Tops & Bottoms and find out.

I like this Caldecott Honor book for the lesson that hard work and careful planning are the way to achieve what you want in life, and the amusing way it gets it across.  The illustrations are colorful and could almost tell the story on their own.  I've read this story to all of my grandchildren and have a talk about how if they work hard they can be whatever they want to be.  Then I might ask them what they want to be when they grow up.  When I asked my youngest granddaughter, who was about 5 at the time, she told me she wanted to be a princess.  The odds for that one are kind of long but, hey, it could happen - look at Grace Kelly!

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Click here to reserve your copy of Tops & Bottoms at your favorite Lake County Public Library branch.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fran's Flower by Lisa Bruce, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:    32
Ages:     4-8
Fran and her little dog Fred find a flowerpot full of dirt with a small green bud sticking out of it.  Fran decides she will grow the flower.  She tells it, "Grow, flower!" but the flower doesn't grow.  She then decides the flower is hungry.  But what does a flower eat?  She gives it all of her favorite foods - pizza, cheeseburger, and ice cream - all with no luck.  So she decides maybe it would like one of Fred's juicy bones - Fred does not look very happy about it - but the flower does not want the bone either. What to do?

Come to the library and find out what Fran does with her flower.  I love this book for the fun, simple story and the bright, happy-looking illustrations.  Fran's Flower is a really fun book to read out loud with your child - I always make a big deal of what she is feeding the flower.  "Pizza! Ha-ha-ha!  She's feeding her flower pizza!  Do you think a flower will eat pizza???"  The kids just laugh and have a really good time.  I hope you enjoy Fran's Flower as much as I do.

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Click here and with your library card number and your PIN you can reserve a copy for checkout at any branch of the Lake County Public Library.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's see if I can do this!

Okay, here we go! I love books. All books. Big books, little books, fat books, thin books. . . . . you get the idea. But I especially love children's books! I hope to share that love with you through this blog. I will tell you about my favorite children's books - both old and new. Come see me at the library and I will find a copy of the book for you to take home and read! See you tomorrow with book number 1!

Peace, Love, and Reading

Miss Laurie