Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tadpole Rex by Kurt Cyrus

Lexile:    AD520
Pages:    32
Ages:     4-8
Did you know that frogs existed for 100 million years before the T-rex, triceratops, and other popular dinosaurs? And a tadpole really does, in a way, have an inner tyrannosaur.  Once its legs grow and its tail falls off, it crawls out of the water, changed from a plant eating tadpole to a meat eating hunter.

Tadpole Rex is an informative book that tells in rhyme about the transformation from tadpole to frog. The colorful illustrations show Rex in different situations from a little tadpole eating and hiding in the mud from the dangers in the puddle to a full grown frog, hunting prey for his dinner, feeling fierce just like the huge dinosaurs around him.

Come to the library for a copy of Tadpole Rex or click here http://tinyurl.com/7kzcw7u  to reserve a copy for pick-up at any branch of the Lake County Public Library.

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