Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bear With the Sword by Davide Cali and Gianluca Foli

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:     32
Ages:     4-8

Bear had a sword that he was very proud of.  He would tell everyone that his sword would cut anything in two and to prove it he would cut up everything he could get his hands on.  One day, he cut down an entire forest, just because he could.  He didn't stop and think about the other animals that lived in the forest.  Why should he?  He had his fortress to live in that he had built with his own two paws.  Then one day his fortress is destroyed by a flood and Bear is furious.

So begins a "House that Jack Built" type story, showing the consequences of Bear's hasty actions.  He finds the broken dam and says to the two little beavers that are the keepers of the dam, "You have destroyed my fortress. Now I must cut you in two." They say it isn't their fault, it is the fault of the pigdeer who scared them away from the dam. So then Bear goes looking for the pigdeer. The blame is passed from the beavers to the pigdeer, to the fox, to the birds. Suddenly, the blame circles back around to Bear who has sworn to cut in two whoever is responsible for the destruction of his fortress.

What does Bear do?

I like this book because it is rich in lessons for children. First of all, it teaches about suffering the consequences of your actions and to think things through before acting. It also teaches about taking care of things upon which other people depend. And it covers the growing problem of destruction of our forests and the domino effect it can have. Come to any branch of the Lake County Public Library and check out a copy of The Bear with the Sword, or click here http://tinyurl.com/7gb2jgn  and with your library card number and PIN, you can reserve a copy for pickup at your nearest branch.

Peace, Love, and Reading,

Miss Laurie

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