Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chidi Only Likes Blue: An African Book of Colors by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:     24
Ages:     4-8

Nneka and her little brother Chidi live in Nigeria, a country on the western coast of Africa. One of the games they play is Colors. When Nneka asks Chidi what his favorite color is, he always says, "Blue, because it is the color of the sky and my best shirt." Nneka wants to know why he always chooses blue and their mother suggests it's because he doesn't know the names of the other colors. So Nneka decides to teach Chidi the names of the other colors, and tell him why she likes them.

On the surface, this is a book of colors - and it is that. But upon closer inspection it is so much more! It is a lesson in diversity and culture, which is a lesson well learned in our ever "shrinking" world. The rich, colorful photographs and the explanations of the different customs makes Chidi Only Likes Blue  an experience  that will expand both you and your child's world in an interesting, enjoyable way.

Happy Reading, 
Miss Laurie

Visit any Lake County Public Library branch for a copy of  Chidi Only Likes Blue or click here to order with your library card number and PIN.

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