Friday, March 11, 2011

Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown

Lexile:    Not Rated
Pages:    40
Ages:     4-8

Has your son or daughter ever brought home something live and said, "Oh, look, Mom! Can I keep it, huh? Can I?" You look and low and behold, there is your little darling standing there with something smelly, like a ferret (which are fun, but sorry, they're smelly!), or something dirty (or what we perceive as dirty), like a rodent, or something that just makes you go, "Ew," like a snake or a spider. To which you reply, "Oh, honey, I don't know! You know, I have heard that those make terrible pets!"

Well, it seems we aren't the only ones who experience this scenario. In Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown, Lucy Bear is out in the woods when she happens across a little boy and falls in love. She takes him home to Mama Bear and asks if she can keep him to which Mama Bear replies, "Lucille Beatrice Bear! Don't you know that children make terrible pets?" There have been times in my child-rearing years that I may have agreed! : ) Anyway, Lucy talks her mother into letting her keep the little boy she has named "Squeaker" because of the cute little sound he makes. But Mama Bear has decreed that Squeaker will be Lucy's responsibility and she would not take care of him for her. Lucy agrees and the saga begins.

Do things go smoothly for Lucy and Squeaker? Do they live together forever and always, never to part? Come to the Lake County Public Library today and check out a copy of Children Make Terrible Pets, or click here to use your library card number and PIN to reserve a copy for pick-up at your most convenient branch.

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

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