Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slugs in Love by Susan Pearson, illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

Lexile:     AD590
Pages:     32
Ages:     4-8

This has to be one of the cutest books ever! Who would think a great romance would have slugs as it's main characters? : ) Here is the synopsis from the flyleaf:

"Marylou loved everything about Herbie - how his slime trail glistened in the dark, how he could stretch himself thin to squeeze inside the cellar window, how he always found the juiciest tomato. But Marylou was a shy slug. How could she get Herbie to notice her?"

The combination of the sweet story from author Susan Pearson and the wonderful, colorful illustrations by Kevin O'Malley makes Slugs in Love a book well worth reading, whether you're 5 or 50!

Peace, Love, and Reading,
Miss Laurie

Come to the Lake County Public Library today to check out a copy of Slugs in Love, or click here to reserve a copy with your library card number and PIN for pickup at your favorite branch.

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