Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lazy Ozzie by Michael Coleman, illustrated by Gwyneth Williamson

 Lexile     420          Pages     18          Ages      3-5
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Young Ozzie is a very lazy owl living in a barn with his mother and siblings.  Mother Owl wants Ozzie to learn to fly but Ozzie thinks it looks like too much work. "I'm practicing being wise," he tells Mother Owl, but she's not buying it. She tells him she's going out looking for food and if he is wise, he had better have flown to the ground by the time she gets back. Ozzie comes up with the idea of using the other barnyard animals to help him get to the ground. He starts with the horse, telling him "It's an emergency! Take me to the milk shed!" The horse takes him to the milk shed where he jumps to the cow's back. He keeps going, using animals that get smaller and smaller until he jumps to the ground. When Mother Owl comes back he tells her that he flew all the way down, not knowing that she has been watching all along. "That's wonderful," she tells him and then asks him to fly back up. Good job, Mother Owl! : )

On the surface this is just a cute story about a lazy little owl but when you really look at it, it is full of great lessons for children. It shows them what lazy is and shows that Ozzie works twice as hard getting out of the work of flying as he would have had he just done what he was told. It also gives parents an opportunity to discuss telling lies and deceiving others.  "It's an emergency!" Ozzie says. Talk with your children about what is or is not an emergency.  Additionally, there is rhyming (Big Pig), alliteration (Little Lamb, Dinky Duck,) plus the lesson of the difference in animal sizes from large to small and animal habitat (milk shed, pigsty, pasture, etc.) It's amazing what the author has packed into this one book!

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