Monday, September 19, 2011

TWEAK TWEAK by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier

Lexile    Not Rated          Pages    40          Ages     3-6
AR Quiz No. 144013 EN Fiction
  IL: LG - BL: 1.9 - AR Pts: 0.5
  AR Quiz Types: RP

Mama Elephant and Little Elephant go out for a walk, Mama telling Little Elephant, "Hold on to my tail. If you want to ask me a question, tweak twice."  Along the way they see a frog, a monkey, a songbird, a butterfly, and a crocodile. "Tweak, tweak!" With a child's typical curiosity, Little Elephant wants to know about each one. "What is that? What is it doing?" Mama patiently answers each question. "That is a frog. It is jumping," or "That is a butterfly flying high in the sky." Little Elephant then asks, "Can I do that?" while fantasizing himself jumping or flying or climbing a tree. Mama Elephant explains that no, he cannot do that because he is not a frog (monkey, songbird, etc.) BUT he can do THIS! She then proceeds to show him something he can do because he is an elephant and asking him how he likes it. The story closes with Little Elephant leading the way home full of confidence and happy with being himself.

I like this book because it shows children that not everyone is good at everything, but that everyone is good at something. I think that sometimes we parents push children to excel at everything. The truth is, some people are good at one thing while not being very good at others. And that is nothing to be ashamed of! I, for one, love to read and I am, and always have been, good at it. On the other hand, I have ALWAYS had a rocky relationship with math - hence the fact I work at a library, not an accountant's office! : )

Sergio Ruzzier's illustrations are cute, friendly and eye-catching. The "fantasy" pictures are rather reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, with purple trees, giant flowers, fish with noses and all other manner of imaginative things.

I would highly recommend Tweak Tweak as part of any one's permanent collection.

Happy Reading!
Miss Laurie

Tweak Tweak can be found at the Lake County Public Library, or click here to use your library card number and PIN to reserve a copy for pick-up at your nearest branch.

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