Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DADDY, COULD I HAVE AN ELEPHANT? by Jake Wolf, illustrated by Marylin Hafner

Lexile   Not Rated
Pages   32
Ages    3-8

I suspect that Tony, the main character of Daddy, Could I Have an Elephant?, had a plan. Plans are good - especially when they work!

One morning Tony's father awakens to Tony, up close and personal. Tony, nearly nose to nose with him says, "Daddy, I need a pet."

"You do?" says, Daddy, "What kind?"

Tony starts out with, "Could I have an elephant?"  Daddy gives him several reasons as to why an elephant would not be a good choice for their small apartment.  So Tony makes another suggestion - "How about a pony?" and receives the same response.  So Tony moves on - a 20 foot python, a flock of sheep, a dolphin, or a flamingo.  For every animal Tony asks for, Daddy comes up with a good reason not to have that particular pet.  Finally Tony says, "Maybe we should get something small," to which his father responds that something small was just what he was thinking.

Tony says, "Puppies are small," and Daddy agrees. In the end Tony and his dad are headed off to the pet store to start the search for puppy.

This is a great book to introduce the responsibility of pet ownership to your children. In a fun and silly manner it shows them that different animals need different things and as the owner, you are responsible for providing their needs and that sometimes an animal's requirements just aren't practical in a home designed for humans. Also, reasonable discussion and making compromises are good lessons that can be discussed.

Marylin Hafners illustrations are colorful and humorous and will quickly make Daddy, Could I Have an Elephant? a favorite read.

Happy Reading,
Miss Laurie

Daddy, Could I Have an Elephant? can be checked out at any Lake County Public Library, or click here http://tinyurl.com/86cnw88 and with your library card number and PIN you can place a hold for easy pickup at your favorite branch.

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