Saturday, August 11, 2012


by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Lexile     Not Rated

Pages     32

Ages      3 - 6

by Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

Lexile     AD580

Pages     22

Ages      3 - 5 

 by Toni Buzzeo, illustrated by Jana Christy

 Lexile     Not Rated

 Pages     32

 Ages      4 - 7

Today we have books that are great for introducing your children to reading, book care and your local library.  Often, we teach our children to read but leave out the things that go with it!

In Beatrice Doesn't Want To, little Beatrice is forced to go to the library with her older brother, who has a report to do for school.  "I don't want to," she says, "I don't like books!"  But she has to go so brother Henry tries to find something for her to do so he can get his work done.  Finally, he happens upon a poster for story hour and makes her go.  At first, she sits with her arms crossed and a frown on her face.  But eventually, the story the librarian tells about a roller skating mouse catches her attention.  Beatrice discovers that she does like books; she just hadn't yet found the right one.

Lola loves Tuesdays; that is the day she and her mommy visit the library!  She loves everything about the day, from making sure she packs all of her library books she has borrowed into her backpack along with her library card, to story hour, the special treat she and mommy get on the way home, and the story Mommy reads to her at bedtime.  Lola thinks that every day should end with a good book!  Lola at the Library is a wonderful book for teaching your preschooler about all of the wonderful things about going to the library.

Penelope Popper wants to be a doctor.  She is always after one of her friends to let her listen to their heart or take their blood pressure and other doctor things.  Her friends don't always cooperate and Penelope is sad until Ms. Brisco, the school librarian, tells her there are all kinds of doctors - people doctors, animal doctors and . . . . book doctors!  She teaches Penelope how to care for and repair the books in the library. Penelope, in turn, passes along the correct way to care for books along to the other children in her class. Penelope Popper, Book Doctor teaches your child about the proper care and handling of books; to make sure your hands are clean so you don't get anything on the book, to turn pages carefully from the top right corner, and the ultimate sin - never dog-ear the pages!  It also shows children that they can follow their dreams, even if those dreams change a little over time.

Any one of these books would make a wonderful addition to your collection. Or, find them at your local library! : )

Happy Reading,
Miss Laurie

Beatrice Doesn't Want To, Lola at the Library, and Penelope Popper, Book Doctor can all be found at the Lake County Public Library or, click here and with your library card number and PIN, place a hold for pick-up at your favorite branch.

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