Friday, January 11, 2013

BUBBA THE COWBOY PRINCE by Helen Ketteman, illustrated by James Warhola

Lexile     620          Pages     32          Ages     4 - 8
 AR Quiz No. 29298 EN Fiction
  IL: LG - BL: 3.8 - AR Pts: 0.5
  AR Quiz Types: RP, VP

Bubba lives on a ranch with his wicked stepdaddy and his lazy, no-good stepbrothers, Dwayne and Milton.  While Dwayne and Milton are spoiled rotten, Bubba has to work from sunup to sundown doing his chores as well as theirs, but he never complains because ranching is what he loves.

Miz Lurleen lives up the road on the biggest ranch west of the Brazos.  She is "purty," rich, and loves ranching - every cowboy's dream girl, and she has decided she wants to get married. She throws a ball and invites all the ranchers in Texas.
On the day of the ball, Milton and Dwayne and their daddy are beside themselves with excitement!  They run poor Bubba's legs off, fetching this and polishing that.  Finally, they are ready to leave and Bubba asks, "Can't you wait for me to get ready?"  The boys and their Daddy laugh and laugh.  "Are you kiddin' me?  You smell more like the cattle than the cattle do!"  They drive off in the wagon leaving Bubba alone.  He forlornly rides off on his horse to check the herd. 

Just as he sets foot in the pasture he is struck off his horse by a bolt of lightning and he hears a voice say, "Go to the ball, Bubba."  He looks around and sees nothing but cows.  He figures he's "bonked the bejeebers out of his bean" because the voice is coming from a cow.  She says, "I'm your fairy godcow," and sets him up with fancy duds and a white stallion and sends him off to the ball, warning him that the magic runs out at midnight.

Bubba has a grand time at the ball but loses track of the time.  The clock strikes twelve and he becomes dirty, smelly Bubba once more.  He runs off in embarrassment, leaving behind an old, dirty cowboy boot.

The next day, Miz Lurleen goes from ranch to ranch with the boot, looking for the cowboy who had stolen her heart.  To the shock and despair of Milton and Dwayne, she finally finds Bubba and they ride off into the sunset on their way to happily ever after.

Bubba is Cinderfella, Texas style.  With its western language and humor it will especially appeal to the boys, but it will certainly have everyone in stitches.  You can't help but read it in a "Texas twang" and the outstanding illustrations by James Warhola, nephew of artist Andy Warhol, are tons of fun.

Rope yourself a copy of Bubba the Cowboy Prince and you'll be sure to have a whoppin' good time!

Happy Reading!
Miss Laurie

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