Monday, March 24, 2014

THE POCKET MOMMY by Rachel Eugster, illustrated by Tom Goldsmith

Lexile     Not Rated          Pages     32          Ages     4 - 6
No AR information available at this time.

Samuel is in kindergarten.  It's hard for him when Mommy leaves him at the door each day, and he tells her he wishes she was tiny so he could keep her in his pocket.  She pretends to slip a tiny pocket mommy into his shirt pocket and leaves.

At Circle Time Samuel is surprised to find that his pocket feels heavy and somthing is wiggling around in there.  He takes a quick peek and is astounded when he finds a REAL pocket mommy!

Having a mommy around to help is great stuff - at first.  But as the day progresses and the pocket mommy sticks her nose into everything and causes trouble, Samuel finds that sometimes it's more fun and satisfying to manage on his own.

Pocket Mommy will help little ones suffering from separation anxiety to realize that they can take that first step toward independence, and that it just might be more fun than always having Mommy do things for them. They will also get a kick out of the predicaments the pocket mommy gets herself into and that Samuel has to rescue her from.

Happy Reading!
Miss Laurie

Pocket Mommy can be checked out at any Lake County Public Library, or click  here and with your library card number and PIN you can place a hold for easy pickup at your favorite branch.

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