Monday, May 19, 2014


Pages     40          Ages 3 - 5
There is no Lexile or AR information for this book at this time.

Nelly is so proud of her daddy! He can do anything. Together, they build Nelly a playhouse, Daddy showing her how to do the simple things, while he takes care of the big stuff, like sawing. Then they go shopping for the supplies to add the finishing touches and Nelly gets a little lost. Being the hero he is, Daddy Gnu finds her before she can even really become frightened. They return home and paint "brick walls" and flowers and vines on the playhouse. Daddy makes dinner and afterward, they read books and Daddy tucks Nelly in for the night. Nelly and Daddy are quite a team! 

Near the end of the book is my favorite line: 
"Every night and every day, Daddy makes it all OK."

Being a Daddy's Girl, this book really spoke to me. Like Nelly, I loved doing things with Dad. I helped him fix things around the house and by the time I was 12 I helped him rebuild the engine on one of our cars (at that point I was still pretty much a parts washer.) All of these things helped me in life - from doing my own car repairs to buying a house in need of a lot of TLC and making it liveable.
Every little Daddy's Girl will love  Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too by Anna Dewdney, author of the popular Llama Llama books.

Happy Reading!
Miss Laurie

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too  can be checked out at any Lake County Public Library, or click  here and with your library card number and PIN you can place a hold for easy pickup at your favorite branch.

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