Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Lexile     AD400          Pages     32          Ages     5 - 7
AR Quiz No. 159163 EN Fiction 
 IL: LG - BL: 1.9 - AR Pts: 0.5
  AR Quiz Types: RP 

Goat thinks he's pretty hot stuff. He rides his bike to school (which is pretty cool!), he can (almost) make great marshmallow treats, and he can drop some AWESOME dance moves in the big talent show. Then Unicorn moves in. Instead of riding a bike, he can fly. And he can make it RAIN CUPCAKES!!  And that's in addition to his fancy prancing which makes Goat's dance moves look like stumbling around. How do you compete with that?

Goat is jealous. Goat is angry. Goat makes fun of Unicorn. He sits down to drown his sorrows in some goat cheese pizza.  

Well, guess who shows up. Unicorn, of course! A goat can't even be jealous in peace!

Unicorn smells the pizza and asks if he can try some. Wow! Unicorn LOVES goat cheese pizza! He is so JEALOUS of goat, because being a unicorn, he has a sensitive stomach and all he can eat is glitter and rainbows. As a matter of fact, Unicorn is jealous of other things Goat has - his cool, cloven hooves, and having TWO horns instead of just one.


Then Goat has an idea . . . .

"We'd be an unstoppable team!"

They could stop bank robbers and other bad guys, or . . . . . they could just be good friends.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great is a great story that shows children that everyone has something about themselves they wish was different, and that teaming up with others makes the whole stronger.

The silly prose and the colorful illustrations make Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great a fun addition to your child's library.

Happy Reading!
Miss Laurie

 Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great can be checked out at any Lake County Public Library, or click  here and with your library card number and PIN you can place a hold for easy pickup at your favorite branch.

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